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        Company News

        Tianchuang Pipe was invited to the “Annual Meeting of 2018 National Transportation Construction Enterprise “and "Innovative Technology Product Conference".


        The "Annual Meeting of 2018 National Transportation Construction Enterprise “and "Innovative Technology Product Conference" sponsored by the Transportation Branch of China Communications Enterprise Management Association was successfully held in Beijing from March 28th to 29th, 2019.

        Mr. Kang Fuxiang, the general manager of Hebei Tianchuang, and Mr. Liang Mingkun, production director of Hebei Tianchuang attended the meeting.

        This meeting was around “New Age, New Start; High quality, Further Development”, and deeply discussed the development strategies of transportation products.

        During the meeting, Mr. Li Weishuang, the Secretary and chief supervisor of CACEM, the former inspector of the Policy and Regulation Department of the Ministry of Transport, and Mr. Li Zhian, the Vice President of the CACEM, also the purchase manager of CCCC, together with the chief Engineer from the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Island Tunnel Project gave keynote speeches respectively.

        Mr. Kang Fuxiang made a speech from three parts to explain the innovation of Tianchuang traffic products:


        1. Product innovation - hot dip galvanized high strength bolts:

        ?Since 2014, Tianchuang has been dedicating in technology research. After a large number of experiments, by using mechanical and chemical rust removal, special inhibitors in the pickling tank and combined with the special heat treatment process of the bolt base material, two technical difficulties have been resolved: hydrogen brittleness of pickling and high temperature annealing of hot dip galvanizing process. The 8.8 grade fasteners galvanizing are successful and 100% qualified. Through cooperation with CSIC, the company successfully developed the zinc coating process for 10.9 grade bolts.

        2, the concept of innovation - product quality traceability

        ?Product quality has always been a key topic between enterprises and customers. From customs view, Tianchuang Pipe uses QR code to record every step, from raw material manufacturers, raw material inspection, raw material storage, producing, completion report, finished product, Inspection to final loading. We can find out the source of quality issues and resolve them quickly by QR code usage.

        3. Management and application innovation-management and application of IoT technology and ERP

        Online purchases through mobile devices and real-time schedule viewing have been using in the e-commerce industry for many years. But in the transportation industry and the steel industry, there are few companies with the usage. The integrated system combined by SCM loT and ERP, which is under Tianchuang developing, will achieve the real-time producing and logistics schedule.

        Meantime, the conference held a grand award ceremony. Hebei Tianchuang Pipe Co., Ltd got many awards issued by The Transportation Products Branch of CACEM.

        Mr. Liang Mingkun (fourth from left), the general manager of Hebei Tianchuang Pipe, received the honor.

        Hebei Tianchuang high-strength bolt are recognized as Innovated and High-tech Products of National Traffic Construction

        Mr. Liang Mingkun, the general manager of Hebei Tianchuang, was hired as an expert in the Transportation Product Branch of CACEM.

        The Unit of China Traffic Enterprise Management Association

        The Model Unite of China Traffic Construction Technology and Innovation.