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        Industry News

        Tracking report on the suspension of production in the region


        Event Review: On June, 21, Wu`an Atmospheric Pollution Office posted an urgent notification about strengthening emergency control measures in key area. The notification asked Xinjin steel, Mingfang steel, Wen`an steel, Wenfeng steel to stop all sintering actives between 0:00 of 22 th, June to 24:00 of 24th, June, and 0:00 of 28th, June to 24:00 of 30th, June.

        On June 25, the same notification, which was announced by Handan government, claimed that besides the above four steel factories, all other steel factories must stop or limit the production during 22:00 of June 25 to 24:00 of June 30.

        Today, after investigation from 13 steel factories in Handan area, Mysteel concludes that the total sinter output would be reduced about 122 thousand tons due to the performance of cease and restriction policy in above four steel factories in Wu`an, and the total sinter output would be reduced 653 thousand tons due to same policy, which means, sinter output would be reduced 775 thousand tons in Handan area. The shortage of sinter storage will cause to procurement from other factories.


        From Mysteel