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        Service Hotline 400-6310-996

        Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe

        Dear customers:

        Thank you for choosing our products!

        We adhere to the customer-oriented operating principles and listen carefully to the customer demands, spare no efforts to improve the quality of our products and provide customers with satisfactory services. We strive to realize the company vision of “Tianchuang Pipe Serves the World”. We make the following commitments as to the “Tianyi” brand hot dip steel pipes:

        1、Our “Tianyi” brand hot dip galvanized steel pipes can fully satisfy your requirements, provided that they are processed following related standard operating procedures. If any quality defect is found in our hot dip galvanized steel pipes in slot rolling, threading, pressure-bearing, and bending processing, once the defect has been confirmed by our company staff, we will compensate the end user CNY 100 Yuan for each defected piece and will have the defected product replaced

        2、We provide bidding related advices and on-site guidance to important customers.

        3、If any quality defect is found during the use of our products, after receiving your E-mail, we will send our professional service staff to your construction site within 8 hours if it is within 500 km reach, or within 24 hours if it is 500-1,500 km away from our company, or within 48 hours if the construction site is over 1,500 km from our company.

        4、If more than 10 pieces of our pipes are found defected during your use, please stop the use of such products and notify us immediately, in order that our personnel can arrive at the construction site ASAP to provide technical guidance or defect confirmation to work out proper solutions. If more than 10 pieces of the defected pipes are used, without consent from our company, we will not take any of the liabilities as described in the first section.


        Note: Hebei Tianchuang Pipe Co., Ltd. reserves the rights of final interpretation as to the commitments made above.